CDN Irrigation


 Few important facts about CDN:

  • -Fully automatic control of EC and pH
  • -Dosing of up to 8 independent stock solutions
  • -Relative and proportional EC control available
  • -self calibration of dosing valves with alarms
  • -Control of 320 irrigation valves (16 from main board)
  • -control of 3 independent pumps and 4 extra outputs
  • -10 independent irrigation groups
  • -8 inputs available for external starts, analog sensors for monitoring weight trays, extra EC, pH or any other 4-20mA device
  • -PC connection with user friendly software
  • -does not need a PC for operation
  • -Recirculation Control ready with extra sensors
  • -automatic dosing control for large and small zones
  • -separate solar meter for independent operation
  • -automatic control of filter cleaning and fertilizer agitators

 In our mixer we only use high quality and reliable components. All electronic parts are designed and produced by INTA and are held to the highest standards.

Our technicians work very close with the growers and because of this the CDN is user friendly and easy to operate.

The program is periodically updated on the CDN to be sure that our customers have the most advanced growing tool at their fingertips.


CDN Brochure (pdf)